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Never live in the shadow of your fears.

Last Wednesday Night.
I know she can make it. She’s strong.
And Heavenly Father & Jesus Christ is always there. :)
La Milagrosa Beach
Hi Cats!
Elder Baga nasaan ka? :D
Overload 8x8
Mother got a new Micheal Kors bag. 
Nanghihinayang ako sa presyo. :O
Lunch beybe.
Malapit kanang mawala. Sulitin ang oras na kasama ka.
Hey BSCE friends! :)
how are you? Asan na yung mga ganito niyo? :)
Philosophy take our dreams for a cruise. La lalala lala
#Philo #HerdyYumul #Grades #Thankful #happy
FINALLY! #EL101 #ResearchPaper
It’s wonderful day.
Sisters in Zion.